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Las mejores universidades para Doctorado Programas en Qatar 2023

Número de instituciones: 18
    • Al Jazirah Al Hamra
    • Dubai
    • Sharjah
    • + 7 más

    Ascencia Business School provides students with an opportunity to study International University Programs while living in UAE. Our main goal is to provide all our students with a quality, cost-effective education and we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest academic standards. Ascencia Business School has a good understanding of the local market and an immense amount of experience in managing education since 2006. We have explored the Middle East market and found ways to successfully market the fully accredited, approved, and recognized curriculum. Our courses are delivered by Western qualified lecturers holding their Ph.D.’s and drawn from academics and bearing relevant industrial experience.

    • Doha

    College of the North Atlantic – Qatar (CNA-Q) was created to meet the ambitious and visionary goals of the Qatar National Vision (QNV) 2030. CNA-Q is a partnership between the State of Qatar and College of the North Atlantic in Canada.

    • Doha

    Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) is an additional location of Georgetown University, based in Education City in Doha. The University offers a four-year undergraduate program in international affairs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (BSFS) degree. Students have the opportunity to select one of four majors and one of three certificates.

    • Manchester
    • Accra
    • Budapest
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    World-class university preparation qualifications designed by universities for international students to succeed at university.

    • Doha

    This program is only available as a second part of the Dual Degree Program after students. is only available via our highly accredited University...

    • Doha

    Qatar Finance and Business Academy is specialized in training and developing the financial services sector. We believe that such an investment is a key strategy to support a modern, service oriented, knowledge-based economy.

    • Al Rayyan Municipality

    Northwestern Qatar students, faculty, staff represent nearly 60 nationalities. Our graduates join a growing network of creative, enterprising Northwestern Qatar alumni, as well as tens of thousands of Northwestern alumni in leadership and creative roles around the world.

    • Al Rayyan Municipality

    For more than a century, Carnegie Mellon University has challenged the curious and passionate to imagine and deliver work that matters. A private, top-ranked and global university, Carnegie Mellon sets its own course with programs that inspire creativity and collaboration.

    • Baaya

    A “desert rose” is the name given to rose-like formations of crystal clusters found in Qatar’s arid desert regions. The beautiful, complex design of a desert rose produces ‘petals’ which fan open in radiating flattened crystal clusters. This intricately formed natural phenomenon has become a cultural icon in Qatar, a country where art and design are cherished. Like a desert rose, each student at the University of Calgary in Qatar is unique. Our students are the central focus of all we do and are the core of a uniquely interwoven set of goals and priorities which will guide our growth over the next five years.

    • Doha

    As part of a substantial national investment in human development and in partial fulfillment of the educational goals articulated in the Qatar National Vision 2030, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in the State of Qatar established the Community College of Qatar (CCQ). The purpose of CCQ is to provide a diverse range of educational opportunities which include: 2-year academic programs that prepare students for transfer to four-year universities, 2 + 2 academic programs as well as 2-year career oriented programs to meet the country’s critical workforce and labor needs.

    • Amman
    • Dubai
    • Manama
    • + 5 más

    Divan International came into existence 18 years ago. It is an accredited and licensed platform that is arguably the best leading cultural exchange, educational, training, and travel organization, widely known for its impeccable service for young people from the Arab countries and the whole world as well.

    • Al Khobar
    • Riyadh
    • Jeddah
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    Marconi University is a world-class university engaged in significant international research and innovation. The University looks beyond the traditional academic learning setting, promoting the use of innovative learning methodologies by merging advanced technological solutions with traditional activities like lectures, workshops, and seminars.

    • Doha

    Since the fall of 2003, Texas A&M University at Qatar has offered Bachelor of Science degrees in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and petroleum engineering. Texas A&M at Qatar also offers two graduate degrees in chemical engineering since the fall of 2011: a Master of Science (M.S.) and a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.). In addition to engineering courses, Texas A&M at Qatar provides instruction in science, mathematics, liberal arts, and the humanities. The curriculum offered at Texas A&M at Qatar are identical to the ones offered at the main campus in College Station, Texas. Courses are taught in English and in a coeducational setting. The reputation for excellence is the same, as is the commitment to training engineers equipped to lead the next generation of engineering throughout the world.

    • Derby
    • Doha
    • London
    • + 1 más

    We coach train and mentor individuals to become leaders of change in driving towards a leaner, innovative and continuously improving organisation. We have a proven track record of helping clients significantly reduce costs whilst sustaining performance in Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Productivity and Morale.

    • Northampton
    • Bahrain Online
    • Jordan Online
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    Stafford was formed in 1993, in the UAE, with the sole intention of providing distance education assistance to the business professionals in the Middle East to achieve good quality internationally recognised qualifications that would mark them as serious managers and advance their careers. Starting with 7 students in 1993 over a decade later we are involved with an average of 1000 students a year availing distance education. All are serious minded busy managers proving to the world that they mean to succeed. Stafford is entirely focussed on assisting full-time professionals in business with quality distance learning to accelerate their careers through independent study. Stafford works throughout the Middle East and Levant region offering distance learning Executive MBA’s, Doctorates, BA’s, diplomas and more. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the academic and business success of our students, our excellent relationships with our UK universities, our integrity and the high quality of our academic and administrative support staff.